David Drew Howe began making international headlines in 2008 when the news broke of his claim to the Kingdom of the Isle of Man. Gazetted by the Queen's representatives at the London Gazette — the Official Paper of Record for the British Crown, until his claim's publication, Drew had just been your average American family man; “nothing particularly special," as he would say.


Now, one might expect, in the movie version of this story, the Howe family moves into a castle and, well, The End. In real life, things are often a bit more complex.  And, as exiting as this all seemed for Drew and his family, they, as well as many others, had more questions than answers. For starters, titled the Lord of Mann, the Isle of Man’s head of state is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  So, why did the Queen recognize Drew's claim by publishing an offical gazette notice?  In addition, the response to this news was mixed, at best. It seemed none too many were looking for or expecting anything like this, including the Howe family.


The debate over Drew’s legal claim to Kingship and the Gazetting aside, from the beginning, he and his family wanted more than anything to learn about  his ancestors, the King’s of Mann. They were also interested in meeting the Manx and discovering more about the Island’s culture that is so rich in history and tradition.  And, if they couldn’t stay in a castle, perhaps at least a travel discount at an Isle of Man inn could be arranged.


The Howe family finally got their opportunity with their first visit in the Spring / Summer of 2015.  With a full film crew and production company in tow, courtesy of  the Discovery / TLC network, the family's inaugural 8 week visit to the Isle of Man was captured up close and personal for viewers.

Suddenly Royal, as it was titled in the United States / Canada / United Kingdom, tells the story of the Howe's visit and their reception over 7 one hour episodes.  Labeled as a docu-series, Suddenly Royal captured the light-hearted personalities of Drew, his wife Pam and their daughter Grace.  The show aimed to answer the question, "So, just how does a regular American family cope with becoming royalty?"  

First airing on September 9, 2015 on the TLC network in the United States, the critically acclaimed Suddenly Royal has since been broadcast worldwide with a total reach of 431 million homes in 170 countries.  In 2019, Screen Rant named Suddenly Royal #7 in it's 10 Best TLC Shows Of All Time.


Suddenly Royal is available for viewing on the popular streaming services iTunes, Amazon and Google Play

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